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Density Fog Generators

Density Fog Generators

The latest innovation in the active asset and staff protection market.

If you operate a retail premises with high-value products, such as mobile phones, jewellery or electrical goods then having a high level of
security, that can repel intruders, is essential which is why we are so excited to be able to now offer Orisec Fog Generators.

You will already have an intruder alarm and probably have CCTV but you may want something more to deter thieves. Additionally, after having
a burglary or attempted break-in you could be faced with thousands of pounds worth of losses, your assets will need replacing and there could be high repair costs. At the same time there will be a lot of time spent with police and your insurance company dealing
with the aftermath of the incident.

This is where the Orisec Fog Generators could make all the difference by adding another layer of protection to your security system. They
create thick fog within seconds that will repel intruders and thus prevent them from getting further inside your property and approaching your valuables.

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