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External Lighting installations Dorset

Taylor Made Solutions can design and install the right bespoke lighting to complement each room/building and its purpose.

External lighting installations play a great role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal, safety, and security of properties in Dorset. 

The #1 Recommended External Lighting Installation Service in Dorset.

Experts in every type of lighting

The team at Taylor Made Solutions has over 15 years of experience in the lighting industry.
We are experts in all types of lighting, from general light bulbs to LED panels, spotlights and Kosnic Lighting.

What Outdoor Lighting Do We Install?

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Energy Efficient Lighting

We can help you save money on your bills with our energy-efficient lighting solutions. Not only will you be saving money but you’ll also be helping the environment!

Motion Detection Lighting

Motion Detection Lighting

These types of lights can really light up the outside of any home or office premises, acting as a security feature as well as providing ideal lighting for the outside of properties.



 This option is ideal for DIY projects such as a new Kitchen or even a garden room. This can also be great for commercial areas such as offices.

Benefits of External Lighting Installations

Enhanced Safety

Well-lit pathways, driveways, and entrances ensure safe navigation, reducing the risk of accidents or falls. Additionally, proper lighting around a property can discourage criminal activities and provide peace of mind to residents or employees.

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Extended Usability

External lighting installations allow individuals to utilise their outdoor spaces even during the evening hours. Whether it’s hosting a gathering, enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, or showcasing landscaping features, proper illumination extends the usability of these areas.

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Increased Property Value

Well-designed and thoughtfully implemented external lighting installations can significantly enhance the value of a property. Potential buyers or tenants are often attracted to properties that offer appealing outdoor spaces and improved security features.

Aesthetics and Ambiance

The right lighting can transform the look and feel of an outdoor area. By highlighting architectural elements, landscaping features, or water fixtures, external lighting installations create a captivating ambiance, turning an ordinary space into a mesmerizing one.

Hiring us for External Lighting Installation

While you may opt for DIY installations, hiring a professional for external lighting installation is highly recommended. Professionals have the expertise and experience to design and execute lighting installations that align with your specific needs and preferences. They can ensure proper wiring and safe electrical connections, and more importantly, they are certified to install them.