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EV Charger Installation Exeter:
Charge Your Electric Car at Home

TMS Devon is your one-way solution to fitting home charging stations, able to deliver the right amperage and voltage for your all-electric or plug-in hybrid car, at your home or office, in and around Exeter.

These charging stations are fitted with a cord of appropriate length to connect to your vehicle’s charging outlet.

It’s essential to have an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger point to ensure efficient charging of your electric vehicle. Opting for the convenience of a dedicated charger, with a sufficient capacity to bear the energy load, is the preferred choice for most EV owners. This is due to faster charge speeds measured in kilowatts, built-in safety features, and being able to choose the level of charging and the time of day when to charge your vehicle (such as night time when electricity rates are cheaper).

The available options for an EV charging point vary, ranging from compact and weatherproof units that can be easily mounted on solid external or internal garage walls, to freestanding units that can be installed in various locations with a suitable sub-structure. All our units are designed to handle high energy loads and have a cord with the right amperage and voltage capacity to expedite the charging process.

Our team of qualified specialist installers handles the installation of all our EV charging points to ensure functionality at the highest level.

To obtain further information about our EV Charger recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 01392 300877.

Quick and easy installation 24/7

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Why Put A Charger Point On Your Premises?

  • Exeter City Council has only 7 public charging bays for the general public.

  • The average cost of using a public electric charging point in Exeter is 35p per kWh.

  • You can wait up to 4hrs for your electric car to fully charge (not convenient when waiting in public)

Comprehensive EV Charger Installation Exeter Services

At TMS Devon, we offer comprehensive EV charger installation services in Exeter. Our team of experts specializes in installing a variety of charging points for public, private, commercial, and industrial settings. All our installations comply with the highest standards to handle the necessary energy load for safe and efficient charging.

Rapid and Versatile Charging Options

The charge speed of electric cars is measured in kilowatts (Kw), the available wattage will determine how long it takes to charge your vehicle. You can choose from a range of charging options to meet your specific needs. 

We provide rapid charger speeds with different power levels, including 7kW (3-4 hrs), 22kW (1-2 hrs), and 43kW (0.5-1 hrs), ensuring fast and efficient charging for your electric vehicle, prioritizing your time and money.

Power Charge Time Range / hr of charge
7 Kw 3-4 hrs 15-30 miles
22 Kw 1-2 hrs 45-90 miles
43 Kw 0.5-1 hrs 90-270 miles

Our team can help you determine the best option for your needs.

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Unveiling the UK’s top 5 high-speed and efficient home car EV chargers! Our people have researched to bring you the best options, ensuring optimal performance for your electric vehicle. Discover the world of chargers that will enhance your EV experience for home and business today!

Installing an electric vehicle charging station at your home or business offers convenience, cost savings, and reduced emissions. With a private charging station, you have control over charging, ensuring your vehicle is always ready.

Tethered and Type2 Chargers

We offer both tethered and Type 2 chargers. Tethered chargers come with an integrated cable, while Type 2 chargers require you to use your own charging cable. Our team can guide you in selecting the best option for your requirements.
A charge point can be used for home and commercial use.

Single and Three-Phase AC Charging

Depending on your power supply and vehicle’s compatibility, we can provide single-phase or three-phase AC charging solutions. Our experts will assess your specific electrical setup to determine the optimal charging configuration

Professional Installation by Qualified Technicians

Trust our team of qualified technicians to handle the installation of your EV charger. With their expertise, they will ensure a safe and reliable installation, adhering to industry standards and regulations for all types of EV chargers or batteries.

A2 EV Charger
Ev Charger installation Exeter

Professional Advice and OZEV Grant Assistance

Our passionate and experienced team is here to empower you with expert guidance on EV chargers, installations, and how to access the OZEV grant. 

Each charging outlet we install or work on is built to handle the required load demand, ensuring efficient delivery of the necessary kilowatts to your EV.

Call our number to speak with our experts and get a free consultation regarding EV charger installations in Exeter. We’ll answer all your questions related to voltageamperagekilowatt capacity, and load handling, ensuring you make an informed decision.

All vehicle model chargers covered

Whatever you’re in the market for, our company has a range of different vehicle charging options for all customers looking for great home charger options. We install chargers for the following vehicle modules:

List updated 14/07/23

Tesla: We offer a range of different vehicle charging options and models for all customers, including Tesla’s own proprietary charging system, designed specifically for their vehicles, as well as other compatible charging systems for other electric vehicles.

We also give you support on how to use the Tesla App and how to unlock your car’s potential.

Toyota has developed a comprehensive charging system specifically for their vehicles, as well as other compatible charging systems for other electric vehicles, that allows drivers to conveniently and safely charge their vehicles with ease, making Toyota a leader in the electric vehicle market.

Hyundai: We offer a range of different vehicle charging options and models for all customers, including Hyundai EVs. 

Volkswagen has been a leader in the electric vehicle market for years, offering a wide range of electric vehicles that are reliable, efficient, and affordable, making them an ideal choice for those looking to safely charge their vehicles with ease.

BMW: We offer a range of different vehicle charging options and products for all customers with BMW EVs, including new batteries. 

.... And Many more models

Call us to speak with our experts and get a free consultation regarding EV charger installations in Exeter. 
We’ll provide you with all the necessary details, including prices/costs, sales, grants, and the best charging solutions for your specific premises.

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W Vernon
W Vernon
Highly recommend their excellent customer service and quality fitting of a home security CCTV system. Kyle and his team attended the property and installed an appropriate system for our needs at short notice. They have installed an excellent security system at a competitive price. They explained the operation of the system and the relevant App and were happy to provide any further advice if needed.
James Harris
James Harris
Great service. Super quick response time. Couldn’t recommend more
ollie vernon
ollie vernon
We have used Kyle and the team a few times now for various work at The Chagford Inn and we couldn't recommend them enough. Always friendly and really helpful. Really responsive to all emails and enquiries. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Kyle!
New Fountain Inn (New fountain inn)
New Fountain Inn (New fountain inn)
I am really pleased with all the work they have carried out for us. everything from security to fire alarms were expertly fitted and at a great price. I will continue to use them in the future.
Very pleased with service. Efficient, responsive and expertly done.
Peter Pullen
Peter Pullen
Honest, reliable and professional.
Matt Julyan
Matt Julyan
Great service, professional, helpful and efficient. Highly recommend.
Harry James
Harry James
Seemlessly installed a Ring video doorbell for me, professional and punctual - highly reccomend!
Ben Chadwick
Ben Chadwick
Great service and very responsive. Kyle & team are fabulous. Highly recommend 🙂