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Fire Safety in Exeter: Protect Your Home and Business from Fire Damage

Welcome to Taylor Made Solutions, your trusted provider of fire safety consultancy, design, installation, and maintenance services for over 20 years. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety in Exeter and surrounding areas.

Fire Safety Exeter

Taylor Made Solutions is a professional business that has been providing fire safety consultancy, design, installation and maintenance services for over 20 years.

Fire Safety Consultants

Call 01392300877 to consult with our expert fire safety consultants.

Fire Safety Consultants Exeter

Fire safety is of paramount importance for all businesses & homes. It extends beyond the installation of a fire alarm system; it includes expert advice on creating a safer environment. 

Our consultants are equipped to assess your premises, develop customised escape plans, and recommend measures such as sprinkler systems and evacuation drills to minimise hazards.

Leading the Industry in Fire Safety Expertise

By choosing Taylor Made Solutions, you gain access to an expert team that offers an unmatched level of service. Our extensive knowledge in the field ensures that we can address your unique needs and provide innovative solutions. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and safeguarding your property.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Fire Safety

We offer a wide range of fire safety products, from conventional to wireless systems, tailored to suit your specific requirements. Our expertly designed solutions are guaranteed to provide reliable protection. We also ensure compliance with fire codes and regulations, working closely with fire inspectors and local authorities.

Backed by Experience and Proven Success

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have a proven track record in delivering successful fire safety solutions. Our comprehensive services include meticulous design and flawless installation. Trust us to get the job done right the first time, ensuring optimal protection for your premises.

Quality Workmanship and Timely Service For Your Convenience

Our skilled engineers have extensive experience in installing and maintaining fire alarm systems in Exeter and Devon. Whether it’s a new installation or the maintenance of an existing system, we guarantee the highest standard of workmanship. Rest assured that we will complete the job in a timely manner, keeping your safety as our top priority.

Affordable Fire Alarm Fitting Tailored to Your Budget

We understand that fire safety should be accessible to all. Our alarm fitting services are tailored to suit individual needs and budgets without compromising on quality. Additionally, all our alarm installations come with a 12-month warranty and free customer support, providing you with peace of mind.

Convenient Online Booking Available

Ready to secure the services of our expert engineers? Take advantage of our convenient online booking system to schedule an appointment today. 

Ensure your fire safety needs are met promptly and efficiently. Protect lives and property with Taylor Made Solutions. 

Contact us today to discuss your fire safety requirements and book a consultation with our experienced team of professionals.